THS in Scotland AGM and Evening Meeting

Date29 January 2020
VenueDoubleTree by Hilton, Beach Boulevard, AB24 5EF

This month's presentations are:
The Scapa 100 Story: Revealing the Shipwrecks of Scapa Flow
by Professor Chris Rowland, Director of 3DVisLab at the University of Dundee

As part of the Armistice agreement at the end of World War I, Germany had to surrender most of its Naval fleet. A total of 74 ships of the German High Seas Fleet arrived in Scapa Flow for internment. On 21 June 1919, under the mistaken belief that peace talks had failed, Rear Admiral Ludwig von Reuter gave the command to scuttle the entire fleet in the Flow. A total of 50 ships went to the seafloor and this remains the greatest loss of shipping ever recorded in a single day. During 2019 several projects led by the Orkney community as well as international contributors revealed the historical significance of the scuttling, mark its impact and continued legacy in Orkney.

Prof Chris Rowland will present 3D images of the ships as they are after 100 years on the seabed. Using a combination of data from surveys carried out since 2006 the talk will discuss how the wrecks are changing over time with evidence from new photogrammetry data collected over the past twelve months.

Making climate visible: Visualising the glacial landscapes of the Alps and Iceland
by Kieran Baxter, Lecturer & Postdoctoral Research Assistant, 3DVisLab at the University of Dundee

Glacial landscapes have been described as the "canary in the coal mine" for climate change with accelerated down-wasting in recent decades being among the most visible and tangible affects of global temperature rise. Despite this, these affects are not immediately evident without visualisation tools to reveal the how large-scale changes have been taking place over time. Dr Kieran Baxter explores how state-of-the-art methods in photography and digital modelling can be used creatively to help communicate landscape changes, and the specialist scientific knowledge surrounding them, to general audiences in meaningful and compelling ways. This talk will discuss two recent project in the Alps and Iceland where new aerial photography and digital methods were developed to visualise glaciers across decades or even a century of change. 

All members and and non-members welcome.

A selection of cold food and drinks will be available from 18:45, the AGM will commence at 19:15 and presentations at 19:30 prompt. 

Prior registration is required for this event

There is a charge of £10 for admission payable online during registration to cover catering (please ask at the door if you require a receipt). Admission is free for Students.

If you have registered and are unable to attend on the night please let us know so we can cancel your booking (pre-paid by us), thus avoiding unnecessary expense for the Society.

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