Southern Region Evening Meeting

Southern Region
Date13 November 2019
VenueNational Oceanography Centre, SO14 3ZH

This event is being hosted by the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton alongside the 
Marine Autonomy and Technology Showcase 2019

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17:00-17:30 | Welcome drinks reception in the MATS marquee and Introduction

17:30-18:00 | Ocean Infinity Presentation

18:00-18:30 | Monitoring Active Hazardous Submarine Sediment Flows
by Lewis Bailey & Maarten Heijnen, National Oceanography Centre

Recent technological advances now enable direct measurement of powerful seafloor hazards, including avalanches of sediment called turbidity currents that can travel at fast speeds (up to 20 m/s) over long distances (>100s of km) and damage critical seafloor infrastructure. We will show exciting new measurements of these flows from a number of sites worldwide that enable more robust risk assessments for seafloor structures and shed light on one of the most important processes for transporting sediment, nutrients and carbon on our planet.

18:30-19:00 | Geophysical and Geoenvironmental Applications for Understanding and
Protecting Underwater Archaeological Sites
by Dr Claire Mellett, Megan Metcalfe & Danielle Wilkinson, Wessex Archaeology

Evidence of past human activity does not stop at the water's edge. Marine archaeological remains are an extensive resource that provide information about people of the past dating back thousands of years. Recent projects by Wessex Archaeology demonstrate the use of geophysical and geoenvironmental data in identifying significant archaeological sites ranging from the best known European prehistoric site to date, to timber shipwrecks and aircraft wrecks. Identification of these sites is critical in order to record them, protect the archaeological material and add to our understanding of past human activity.

19:30 onwards | Social event at a local venue (details TBC) 


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